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Uplifting you from Pain and self doubt to peace and self reliance.

Serving clients online worldwide including Northwest Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, USA, UAE, and India through Online Services.


Recreate your Future with an Unshakeable “You”

We all are gifted with a beautiful instrument called the “Mind” that can help us to create our destiny if we train and use it effectively.
When our minds turn against us and control us through the voices of our inner critic ,it can affect our health, impact performance at work, relationships in family/workplace and also cause disappointment in our lives.

Self Doubt is one of the leading reasons that prevents us from living a worthy life that we deserve.
Self doubt arising from painful past experiences of living in toxic relationships leads you to severe mental and physical health issues. Some of the ways it can show up in your life is feeling helpless with resentment, guilt, overthinking, anxiety, depression, people pleasing and by looking for external validation. It can also lead you to confusion and indecisiveness with low self-esteem making it harder to lead a peaceful life.

I struggled first just like you in understanding my worth. I always blamed myself and put myself down to please others that led me to lose my self esteem. I felt I was not good enough and my self doubt made me get stuck. The big turning point happened when I became physically bedridden due to cervical spondylosis and realised that my mental pain was the reason behind my physical pain. When I realised it, I began to work on my past and my mindset by integrating ancient wisdom based tools and connecting with coaches which brought a powerful transformation in my life. Cleansing my past,changing my mindset and my habits enabled me to change the world around me.


Receive our unique coaching guidance that is based on a holistic coaching approach to transform your body, mind and soul and create your better future.

Coaching is a partnership process where coachee is guided in a thought provoking and creative manner to discover their true infinite potential that creates change in their lives. The assumptions that underpin coaching is that every human being is resourceful and has infinite potential to achieve their goals. Coaching is an empowering process that allows individuals to uncover their internal resources, realize their best potential and utilize it to achieve their goals in life.

Through my “Unshakeable coaching program”, I offer intuitive holistic coaching sessions that includes powerful tools from ancient wisdom, neurosciences and positive psychology customized to your specific needs that enables you to develop strong mental and emotional wellness leading you to good health, peace and mental stability.

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  • My experience with coach Amrithas was awesome, her voice was so calm and soothing. She just had this constant aura of peace and happiness, smiling through out the meeting, checking all the time to see if you're comfortable and also making you comfortable enough to open up to her. Thank you so much Amrithas, our session was so helpful to me and you'll hear from me soon.

    Olaitan Fatile , Africa

  • In the coaching process and in the course of our conversations, I discovered new techniques and ways that would be beneficial and useful to having difficult conversations with my daughter. I discovered that having a coach can help gain clarity or even discover things i wasn’t even previously considering. It was easy to talk with Amritha and I hope to be doing so again soon.

    Natasha Lakhan, USA

  • I was contemplating a crucial decision to quit my job and go for a career change. I did not know how to sort out the mess in my head and make a decision. I was procrastinating the decision and contemplating over and over, never reaching a solution. The sessions with Amritha helped me gain clarity and overcome my apprehensions regarding my decision. I became sorted and the process helped me confidently take a decision and stick to it. I feel more confident and peaceful now

    Roopa, India

  • ​​Amritha’s coaching is one of a kind. Her professionalism is out of the charts yet her warmth and amazing energy is present at all times. You feel connected, supported and held along the way of your journey to amazing improvement. Her incredible guidance and questions take you on this amazing journey to arrive where you need to be. Thank you Amritha for taking the time and above all for your amazing care and warmth during this wonderful process. I highly recommend her to everyone needing support and guidance to find the clarity needed. One of life's experiences.

    Claudia, Dallas, USA

  • What I found most helpful about Amritha’s coaching was her ability to really help me to explore the challenges to a particular problem and find the solution through discussion. I felt she really knew me and what I really wanted out of the session and I feel like Amritha helped free the blocks in me. Like most women, so much of what I do at home is worthwhile but invisible and fragmented. Working with Amritha helped me value what I do and gave me the courage to do things in a bigger, more visible way. Thanks to the session and encouragement to really open up the bottled up emotions and getting me through to the actual ways to handle the situation at hand.This session has been an “eye-opener” for me.Thank you Amritha

    Prathiba Shanthakumar, USA

  • My life was confused and directionless.I was also experiencing a lot of pain over a romantic breakup. Now I have a clearer direction and achieved some important goals. I graduated high school,got a learners permit and am working at two jobs in the career direction I want to go in.Amritha, you eased my emotional pain and showed me the direction and the steps needed that enabled me to do it.

    Hailey, USA

  • Amritha is very understandable which makes everything really easy and comfortable for me! A lot of coaches contacted me, however I chose Amritha because she was able to connect with me emotionally!

    Khate Gonzales, Canada

About Us

Samsarga is a Sanskrit word that means "Good Association". Samsarga was founded in 2019 with the aim to inspire, educate and empower people to create happier lives and healthier communities in the world.


Amritha Kailas is a Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success Coach who specializes in Emotional Wellness and Transformation Coaching.

She helps working professionals and small business women overcome stress, anxiety , depression, loneliness, self doubt, overthinking and family relationship issues by guiding them to find their true self, inner peace, clarity, focus, confidence, self esteem, purpose and emotional balance in order to achieve their dreams and restore harmonious family relationships in their life.

Amritha is also a certified Reiki Master, Speaker, Musician and an online course creator with over 10,000 students across 142 countries in Udemy.

Amritha is a Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success Coach who specializes in Emotional Wellness and Transformation Coaching.

Through her online school Samsarga, she offers guidance,training and support to empower women who have gone through toxic relationships and lost their true identity to rise above self doubt and become self-reliant.

Her coaching services have been featured on online magazines - NewYork weekly, CEO Weekly, Influencer daily, Kivo daily and Disrupt.

Her school also offers online courses in Sanskrit, Reiki training , Vocal and Veena classes . She is also the host of the talk show “ The Peace Bridge “ on Voice America, a Mentor on Wisdom, a Usui Certified Reiki Master, a Speaker, Udemy Sanskrit Instructor with over 10,000 students across 142 countries,a Blogger on Medium & Core Spirit, and an Indian classical Musician.

How does it work?

Early from our childhood days, we have been taught to take care of our health, follow habits that include brushing our teeth, bathing, brushing our hair, eating good food, learning to find a job, wearing good clothes and following a routine to lead a good socially acceptable life. However, we tend to pay very less attention to maintaining the health of our mind which plays a significant role in person's life. Unfortunately, having a good IQ will not help us become successful in life. If we look at ourselves, IQ helped us to get good scores in our exams, find a job and attain certain skills. However did it help us survive in our jobs? Did it help us lead a good family life? Did it help us raise good children? Did it help us get along with people around us?


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Every woman is unique and has infinite potential within her waiting to be untapped. Through my Unshakeable woman coaching program, I offer guidance and support to rise above your self doubt, renew your mindset to become the powerful Unshakeable woman who is self reliant, confident, mentally stable and peaceful at all times regardless of the challenges in your life.

In this program, I will take you through a powerful transformational journey in 6 stages as below:

6 stages image

If you follow my process you will be able to develop self esteem, self control to manage your thoughts / emotions / relationships, develop mental stability and discover internal freedom.

I have created this program so that you have all the necessary tools required to develop your mental strength and become empowered. If I had something like this available in the past, I would not have lost my health, wasted my valuable time and money on jobs, vacations, objects, people. None of which do not help in moving me towards my purpose in life. Having such a program with all the essential tools will enable you to develop good mental and physical health, healthier relationships and lead a peaceful life that spreads positivity around the world.


Benefits of Coaching

  • Improved clarity and awareness
  • Better problem solving ability while facing challenges in life
  • Improved focus
  • Stable, Balanced and Positive Mindset
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved Relationship with yourself and others at home and workplace
  • 1-1 Support, Motivation and Accountability
  • Consistent personal development and achievement of goals in life