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    Amritha Kailas has been an amazing life coach to me. Her coaching method and questioning have helped me feel loved and vulnerable to share my struggles, which have been hard to express my feelings in the past with my friends and family. Amritha truly loves being a coach and it shows in our coaching calls because she’s extremely present and actively listens to me. I recommend anyone who's trying to leverage their life to have Amritha as a coach. She's brilliant and you will see changes!!!

    Tracy , USA
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    Amritha is a wonderful Life coach. I have done coaching with her for the past three months. With her insight and guidance, she had made a huge difference in my life and how I think. She has empowered me with various tools to manage my emotions and most importantly, trust myself and validate my own feelings without doubting myself. She has really given me confidence in making tough decisions that help me live my life according to my most important values. I can honestly say I am much more centered than I was before and I live more in tune with myself.

    Vidya , Canada
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    Amritha’s coaching has helped me on my journey inward. As my coach, she helped me connect different parts and experiences in my life that have enabled me to find my higher purpose. I have a better understanding of myself which has deepened my spiritual journey within. Thank you Amritha for guiding me on this journey and in helping me find my inner voice and connect them to my values and purpose in life.

    Pritti, UK
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    Amritha Kailas has a gift of actively listening. When I say she actively listens, she is simultaneously holding a safe space for you. Her ways to get the client to go deeper are unique and it allowed me to figure out my own issues clearly.

    Lillian Hernandez, USA
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    Never had I thought that such a coaching session would change my inner attitude to such an extent. But after, only much later did I begin to notice the changes within me. First thing, I began to have a good opinion of myself which increased my positive attitude. Whenever negative thoughts and emotions came to my mind, I could observe them like a surgeon observing his/ her patient. I could forgive myself for the silly behavioral mistakes that I made. I stopped blaming others also. I could feel that I was perfectly in the place in which I should be. I began to feel contentment and happiness which didn't depend upon any external objects or persons. My attitude towards others also changed.

    Girija, India
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    The sessions with Amritha gave me more clarity and depth of thinking about the problems that I didn't even know I felt so deeply. I was surprised when I started crying when telling her about some situations in my life as I didn't know they were bothering me that much. I guess I had pushed them aside hoping they would go away... Amritha's questions helped me bring the problems to the surface and analyze them as scientists analyze a matter: objectively, intelligently, and with practical outcomes that helped solve it or at least put me at ease with the situation knowing that with time and a good plan I could overcome that circumstance.

    Nagmeh, Canada