5 Steps to Transform your Negative Emotions

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5 Steps To Transform Your Negative Emotions Blog By Samsarga

In life, we encounter different types of people and situations. Some people in our life help us learn and grow. Some others drain our energy and suck us into a place of negativity. The negative energy that could be verbal or non-verbal can impact our mindset and can sometimes even paralyze us from moving forward in our life. The negative emotions caused by negative social interactions can make us feel lost and unhappy.

How do we regain our energy to move forward in our life?

One of the most effective ways to regain our energy is by self-regulating our thoughts and emotions. By training our mind, we can elevate ourselves to a centered state that remains unaffected internally irrespective of our external situations in life.

The centered state is a state where we have self-control or control over our own mind and use it effectively rather than it using us. Through this process, we will be able to channel our energies in the right direction that can help us achieve our goals, improve our focus and productivity as well as live a peaceful and happy life.

Today I will share with you 5 simple steps to transform our negative emotions.

  • 1. Stop — When a negative thought/emotion arises in your mind, stop for a moment before judging the emotion. For example — Using simple breathing exercises is one of the best ways to develop awareness to stop.
  • 2. Identify — Identify the emotion that you are experiencing by giving it a name. This allows us to separate ourselves from the negative emotion and distancing from it. For example — Using funny names to distinguish each negative emotion will help us develop mindfulness around it.
  • 3. Feel — Pay close attention to the area where you feel the negative emotion strongly and give it your full attention. For example — Scan your body to find where you strongly feel the negative emotion and just stay with it.
  • 4. Talk — Talk to the emotion and ask questions on why it came up and what action can help to transform it. For example — Talk to the emotion with love and compassion to understand what it needs from you and how you can execute it as an action .
  • 5. Perform — Do the positive action that came out from the response . This helps to shift your focus towards a positive action that will help you to regain your positive energy back to your life.

It is not possible to completely eradicate negativity from others . However, by carrying out the above steps we can take effective measures to regulate our thoughts and emotions to regain our positive energy back into our life rather than allowing the negative emotions to affect and paralyze us from moving forward in our life.

Positive and Negative emotions cannot occupy our mind at the same time. — Napolean Hill

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